999 Unique Mysterious Mice from across the metaverseMysterious Mouse clubhouse represents a collection of 999 mice from different universes with hundreds of scrupulously hand-drawn features.

The Mysterious Mice are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

We've created a complete ecosystem.

First, we're releasing the Mysterious Mouse Clubhouse Multiverse Collection featuring icons from your favourite memories!

We're releasing developing the metaverse and building a community of mice, with smaller more exclusive drops. The final frontier will be the live 3D Clubhouse.
The original Mouse was bored with his ordinary life and began his journey searching for mystery in the Metaverse but lost himself in the multiverse. The only contact he has with the home is through Discord.



The Creation of a $1000 community wallet to support the Mysterious Mouse Clubhouse


The Month of Mystery: Countless gifts from the multiverse and 100 x $150 of ETH/Cash airdrops for high ranking Discorders and early adopters every day.Airdrop winners will be publicly announced and fairly chosen.The community will get to pick when the month of mystery shall begin


Mysterious Mouse holders choose how to design the follow on collection. Each collection is more exclusive than the previous!


The creation of a Mysterious Mouse filter on Snapchat/Instagram representing each class.


Creation of the virtual Mysterious Mouse Clubhouse where holders will be able to visit, explore and mark.


The physical Mysterious Mouse Clubhouse will be formed, with locations in Dubai, Los Angeles, Delhi and London.All holders will be able to attend events. For the top 30 in Discord, all flights, hotel and visa costs will be covered.


Current holders of Mysterious Mice will be allocated NFTs in Drop 2. The adventures are just beginning. Let's solve the mystery.
1. Allocation of follow-on dropsCash/ETH airdrops

2. Access to exclusive eventsFlight, visa, hotel costs are paid for lucky holders

3. Vote on the designs of the follow-on drops

4. Vote on the designs of the metaverse ClubhouseAccess to exclusive merchandise

5. Dividend payouts from secondary market sales

6. Entry to the physical Mysterious Clubhouse' in Dubai, Delhi, Los Angeles and London
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