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Droppy empowers creators to chart their own path.
Generate .PNG or Metaverse proof 3D NFTs.
GameFi & DeFi proof NFT Metadata.
Primary sale only.
NFTs: Cryptopunksters collection. Dropping soon.

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One collection, distributed across multiple chains. For the first time, buyers can choose where to mint their NFTs.
*Initialy available on the Ethereum blockchain. Solana & Polygon coming soon.

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High volume collectables you can use to build a community and fund ambitious projects.
NFTs: Little Furry Devils. Dropping Soon

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Access NFTs upstream. Before they're on secondary markets.
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We showcase top artists, brands and DApp builders
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We're continuously aligning our platform with new NFT regulations.
NFTs: Geomville by Anna Nater. Dropping Soon
*4 million people in the US have bought or sold an NFT in the past year.

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NFTs are famous for growing exponentially in value very quickly.

Instead of paying 10x on secondary markets like Opensea, get in early on Droppy.
NFTs: Xpressive Robotics. Dropping Soon

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Ex Coinbase, Dapper, OpenZeppelin and Vidette engineers. Enabling the next phase of NFT's most lucrative category.
* We have a seriously badass team with experience at these companies

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